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Ariana's picturesque gardenAt Ariana, the current managers Kylie Monastra & Marshall McMahon live immediately next door. The office hours are from 8am to 10am and 4pm to 5pm Mon to Friday, however the managers are onsite all day. During the weekends the managers are available as required. They can help with local knowledge about where to go & what to do, during your visit to Rarotonga.

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At Ariana there is a games room with a T.V., library, board games and a pool table for adults. Wi-Fi is available and wi-fi cards can be purchased direct from telecom.

We try to minimise the effect of tourism on our fragile Island environment. We use some solar power, operate a recycling system and our water system is filter & UV treated. We have been drinking our water without problems since the install. We believe this has helped to reduce the use of plastic bottles on the Island & encourage our guests to re-use their bottles by refilling with our water and to then take your bottle home with you at the end of your visit.

Our green motto with plastic bottles


There is a large 24 hour grocery & petrol store. This is called “The Super Brown Store” and is only 150m from Ariana. They provide takeaways for fast food & local foods until late, every night of the week. They also sell liquor. Recently a new ATM machine was installed.

Chickens & roosters live wild & free on our property. We have enjoyed their diligence at maintaining a low insect population and in return we have adopted patience in accepting their sometimes rowdy & loud energetic songs. We have often referred to their calls as our Cook Islands alarm clock which sometimes has been set to go hourly from midnight on!!!
This is not always guaranteed but if it happens, we in Rarotonga, just inhale, tune out from their "alarming" responses, go to sleep and will them to follow. We encourage you to try the same.

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